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Could you benefit from a prenup?

Traditionally, people avoid talking about prenups. Many people think they ruin the romance of a marriage, but the attitude surrounding prenups may be changing. No longer are prenups contentious issues only for the super-wealthy. Recent studies show more couples are opting to create prenups with success, and reaping the benefits.

Why do you need a prenup?

There is a stereotype surrounding prenuptial arrangements that they are only for super wealthy couples with considerable assets, but this is not true at all. Prenups can benefit couples of all levels of wealth. If you have children from a prior marriage or important assets you are bringing into the relationship, you may want to consider a prenup. These arrangements can protect your independence and the assets you had before the wedding so you can go into your new relationship with a clear head and peace of mind.

Another stereotype about prenups is that they only protect one person in the relationship. However, prenups actually provide protection for both people in a couple. A prenup can safeguard both people’s assets and income in order to preserve each person’s independence. A marriage is a type of business arrangement and it can help you to go into it with a sort of contract that can clarify some of the terms of your agreement.

How to get started

If you think a prenup is a good idea for your relationship, do not hesitate to start planning. You will want to discuss the terms with your future spouse as well as both of your attorneys. Figuring out the terms of your prenup is important as there are many components you can include such as provisions about separate property, income, even who will get your pets after a divorce.

Though they take a considerable amount of time and effort, creating a prenuptial agreement could benefit you and your spouse in the long run. You might not realize it, but many couples are now opting to create these agreements in order to start their marriage on a positive note. You will want to carefully examine your situation and evaluate all your options, but a prenup is worth thinking about.