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Keeping Your Record As Clear As Possible

There is no such thing as a minor criminal offense. Any misdemeanor conviction will result in a permanent criminal record that can affect your employment and other areas of your life. A traffic violation can linger on your record for years, raising your insurance rates and putting your driver’s license at risk. In today’s world of computerized background checks, it’s important to keep your record as clean as possible.

An experienced and aggressive criminal attorney can advocate for you and negotiate to get criminal charges or traffic tickets dismissed or reduced. The Law Office of Erin Muldoon Haug in Savannah has the know-how to resolve your legal problems and minimize the damage of a criminal accusation. We will do our best to help you avoid a damaging conviction.

Helping You Protect Your Future

We are adept at negotiating with prosecutors. The Law Office of Erin Muldoon Haug has represented clients in a number of criminal cases, including:

  • Drug crimes such as possession of marijuana or illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Simple and domestic assault
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance
  • Traffic tickets such as speeding, failure to yield and reckless driving
  • Theft such as shoplifting or credit card fraud
  • Burglary from a home or motor vehicle

Although we primarily handle misdemeanor cases, our team also has experience representing clients charged with felonies. Our goal is to keep a criminal charge or traffic ticket from having an adverse effect on your life.

Call A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter what charge you are facing, a skilled criminal defense lawyer can minimize the damage and help you move on with your life. The Law Office of Erin Muldoon Haug in Savannah, Georgia, can provide the legal know-how you need. For a free consultation, call us at 912-421-7084 or complete our contact form.