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Representing Fathers And Mothers In Paternity Suits

When a child is born out of wedlock in Georgia, even if the biological father is named on the birth certificate, only the mother has parental rights. If the father wants custody or visitation rights or if the mother is seeking child support, paternity must be established. A simple DNA test can establish biological paternity, but it does not establish legal paternity in Georgia.

Establishing Paternity In Georgia

Unwed parents can establish paternity by signing a Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement form within one year of the child’s birth. If one of the parents is unwilling to sign the form or the child turns one year old before the paternity form is filed, there are four other ways paternity can be established:

  • A man can legally adopt the child.
  • If a man is married to the mother when the child was conceived or born, he is the “presumed father” unless a paternity order disproves it.
  • A man who marries the mother of a child after the baby is born and recognizes the child as his own gains paternity rights.
  • The father can establish paternity through the courts using the legitimation process.

At the Law Office of Erin Muldoon Haug, I help both fathers and mothers establish paternity.

Counsel And Guidance Through Paternity Actions

My approach to paternity cases is always to use discretion and respect the privacy of everyone involved as much as possible. Whether you are a father seeking parental rights or a mother seeking to establish paternity to collect child support, I can help. I work with clients to complete and submit DNA tests and documents, making sure to explain each step of the process.

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