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When a marriage ends in divorce, spouses are faced with a series of difficult decisions concerning money, property and children. Even when the divorce was considered for a long period of time before one of the spouses filed, most people are unprepared for the stress and challenges these decisions present.

At the Law Office of Erin Muldoon Haug, I have helped clients navigate the often treacherous waters of divorce. I represent clients dealing with all aspects of divorce, including:

Whether you are getting ready to file, are already involved in the divorce process or are interested in modifying existing agreements, I can help.

Using Mediation To Avoid The Stress And Expense Of Going To Court

In almost all cases, spouses are better served to negotiate a divorce settlement through mediation than going to court. Mediation saves time and money and puts the power to make final decisions in the hands of you and your spouse rather than a judge. As a trained mediation facilitator, I can help guide you through the process with minimal conflict. By eliminating the unpredictable nature of court hearings, we reduce stress and make it easier to reach a mutually agreeable divorce settlement, fair child support agreement and healthy child custody arrangement.

A Skilled Litigator When Taking A Divorce To Court Is Necessary

The sad truth is that some spouses simply can’t reach an agreement through mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Sometimes it is due to the complex nature of marital assets and debt and sometimes it is because one spouse is unwilling to come to the negotiation table. In these cases, I have the skills and experience to take your divorce to court and make sure the judge understands your needs and goals. For more than 15 years, I have represented clients in complex divorce cases. By taking a methodical approach and using proven courtroom strategies, I work to deliver you the most favorable outcome in trial.

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