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What happens when you get a DUI out of state?

Perhaps you are visiting friends or relatives in Savannah. You plan to go out to eat and end up drinking a little more than you should have. On the way home, police pull you over for a DUI.

This is not an uncommon scenario, as over one million drivers faced DUI arrest in 2014. But what happens when you get a DUI while traveling out of your home state?

Staying in Georgia

Most driving under the influence charges require spending time in jail. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to serve that time in the state where you the police arrested you.

If officers arrest you for a DUI while you are in Georgia, you will likely need to appear at any court dates in Georgia. If you had not originally planned your stay to be that long, you may need to travel back and forth from your home state. This can get expensive, as Georgia courts may suspend your license privileges.

Georgia DUI penalties

Because you were arrested in Georgia, you will likely need to abide by Georgia’s DUI penalties. After a first-offense DUI, you can face:

  • Jail time: Up to one year
  • Fee: Up to $1,000
  • License suspension: Up to one year
  • Community service: 40 hours
  • DUI alcohol program

Police arresting you for a DUI when you are not in your home state can be a cause of great anxiety. Even if you know the penalties in your home state, you may not know what they are in the state you traveled to. However, knowing what penalties you may face can serve beneficial.