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What does a home study involve in the adoption process?

Adopting a child is an admirable goal. Georgia parents who wish to adopt a child are making a positive difference in the world by opening their home to a child in need.

The adoption process in Georgia involves many steps and requirements. One of these requirements is a home study.

Why is a home study done?

The goal of a home study is to make sure that you can provide a safe and appropriate home environment for a child. A social worker conducts the home study and works with you and your spouse throughout the process.

The social worker will visit your home 3 times as part of the home study process. It is natural to be nervous about the visits but remember that the social worker is just doing their job of making sure your home environment is suitable and stable for a child.

In addition to the home visits, you and your spouse will discuss many different topics with the social worker. Be prepared to answer questions on a wide variety of topics.

What kinds of questions will I be asked?

You will likely be asked about your reasons for wanting to adopt a child, as well as your own life as a child growing up.

Other topics you will be asked to address can include your marriage, employment history, health status, criminal history and religious beliefs. Since you are requesting to provide a home for a child, the social worker is going to want to see a specific childcare plan.

For example, if you and your spouse both have careers that involve busy schedules, you will need to demonstrate how you can continue this lifestyle while still caring for a child.

You do not need to be married to adopt a child. Therefore, the social worker should not ask you about your marital status if you are not married.

How much paperwork is involved?

You will also be asked to provide various types of documentation. This can include criminal records, reference letters or other documents, depending on your situation.

Stay in contact with your social worker and promptly provide them with all requested documentation. The home study process typically takes between 4-6 weeks, but this partially depends on how efficiently you complete the steps.