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Nesting is an option for some families

Divorce is hard on everyone involved, even if both soon-to-be ex-spouses want the divorce. However, for divorcing parents, it can be much harder as it also impacts the children as well. This is why future co-parents are always on the lookout for ways to help their children through the process, and one such way that has grown in popularity recently is nesting.

Let your kids stay in the nest

Nesting refers to the practice of allowing kids to stay in their nest by keeping the home during the divorce process. Each parent then “lives” in the home during their parenting time, and leaves when it is not their parenting time.

This allows the child the freedom to transition into their new reality, and when paired with therapy, children can come out of the divorce process happy and healthy. It can often prevent many of the emotional traumas associated with divorce.

It can help the parents too

While the emotional benefits to the children alone can be enough to push some Savannah, Georgia, divorcing spouses to nest, there are additional potential benefits to the parents as well. Primarily, it is time and money. Nesting can help both spouses figure out their post-divorce lives while sharing the family home. This, in turn, can also save money because if they share the home and/or an off-site home, they can continue to split all bills.

Talk with your divorce team

Before broaching the subject with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, talk with your divorce team. They can help determine whether it is a good idea for your specific situation. It requires the spouses to want to work together, exercise good communication skills, have no abuse or animosity and a willingness to put the kids first.