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If you fall behind on child support, the IRS can recoup funds

When you get behind on tax payments, you not only take the chance of hurting your child’s financial well-being, but also put yourself in harm’s way. One way that you could potentially hurt yourself is with the Internal Revenue Service and their Income Tax Refund Offset Program, who can reach you anywhere in the United States, including here in Savannah, Georgia.

The Federal Income Tax Refund Offset Program

The IRS’s ITRO Program takes tax refunds and other IRS payments for state-owed child support. This is referred to as an offset or intercept, and if you are part of the program, it means that if you owe child support, do not count on that tax refund.

Will I know if it is going to be taken?

Yes. If you qualify for the program, you will receive a Pre-Offset Notice that will inform you that the state has sent your child support arrears to the IRS for collection. It will inform you of the amount you owe and give you options for a hearing on the matter. For this balance, you will not receive another notice. However, if you have balances from other states, you will receive a Pre-Offset Notice from each.

What if I miss that notification?

When the IRS actually takes a refund or payment, you will also receive an Offset Notice, and you will receive one each time. Each notice will also give you the option for an administrative hearing. And, if your spouse’s refund was also taken, they can receive a refund by submitting the IRS form 8379 (Injured Spouse Claim and Allocation).

Child support modifications

Your goal should not be to face the IRS. After all, if there is nothing in life that is guaranteed except death and taxes, you will want to avoid the one that you can actually avoid, the IRS. One way to do this is to ask for a Savannah, Georgia, child support modification, when you need one.