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Marital property division and hidden assets

When you finally get to the point in your marriage where it is time to divorce, you have a lot of concerns. However, whether or not your spouse is hiding assets is likely not one of them. However, for many, it should be because it could impact your Savannah, Georgia, divorce.

Is it really a problem?

Yes. For about one-third of all marriages in the United States, they will experience financial infidelity (a spouse hiding assets or debts), and it will lead at least one-tenth of them to divorce. Accordingly, while you may not think you need to worry about financial infidelity from your soon-to-be ex-spouse, it is something you should at least consider.

Are there warning signs?

Yes. Financial infidelity has some warning signs. The first and most prominent warning sign is financial secrecy. Does your spouse avoid talking about your finances and debts? Do you know how much you owe on your credit cards? Do you know how much you have in your Savannah, Georgia, bank and brokerage accounts? If you wanted to know, would your spouse tell you? If not, these are red flags that your spouse is hiding financial information from you, and if they are hiding information from you, it may be because they are hiding assets or debts.

Can I verify it?

If your spouse keeps the financial documents hidden, go grab them and look through them. See where the marriage is at financially and see if there are any unexpected accounts or debts. Maybe everything is on the up and up. Maybe not. You may need to start checking the mail and the email looking for financial documents as well.

What if I cannot make heads or tails out of any of this?

If you are lost with all of these documents, it is okay. Sometimes, you need an expert’s help, and that is okay. You may need a Savannah, Georgia, CPA, a divorce attorney, forensic account, etc. The key is that it is okay to ask for help.