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Reaching a resolution in your child custody matter

Parenting is a rewarding role in life that can be filled with cherished moments, challenges, ups and downs. It is also a role that requires you to navigate parenting issues. Often, this means addressing school, discipline, chores, adolescence, dating and the like; however, it could mean navigating life events that could cause a significant change in your child’s life.

A divorce impacts both the parents and the children; however, the experience if often different for children. Not only has their home life changed, but they will need to navigate spending designated time with each parent. Child custody matters can be complex and contentious; however, it is important to focus on the best interests of the child, as they are likely to be the most impacted by the matter.

Child custody matters

Child custody matters can be emotional and difficult to navigate, as your parental instincts do not want your time with your children to alter. However, a divorce involving children requires child custody to be determined.

At the Law Office of Erin Muldoon Haug, our firm, we understand that joint or and equal custodial arrangement is not always best. This is why our experienced attorneys take the time to assess the specific and unique factors involved, determining the child custody arrangements available that consider the needs and wishes of our clients as well as the best interests of the children as well.

Reaching a resolution

Not all divorcing parenting will see eye-to-eye when it comes to parenting time and their co-parenting relationship. Thus, it may be necessary to explore negotiation or mediation options. While it is arguably the best situation to have parents that communicate well and work together to parent their children, there are understandably situations where this is not possible.

In matters involving abuse or domestic violence, you may follow a much different path to arrive at a custody order. However, in these matters, the goal is to ensure safety to those fearing harm. Thus, additional steps may be necessary to achieve this.

Finding a child custody agreement that works for you situation can be an emotional and challenging process. But it is possible to obtain a favorable order efficiently, which is why it is important that you explore your legal rights and options.