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Bringing a child into your family through adoption

Starting or growing a family is a goal for many individuals and couples in Georgia. While many are able to do so by birthing a biological child, others utilize the adoption process to start or grow their family.

While adoption is a beautiful way to bring a child to your family, it is a process that can be lengthy, complex and emotional. As such, parents and parents-to-be should understand that they do not need to navigate this process alone.

The adoption process

The adoption process can look vastly different from one family to another. This is why the Law Office of Erin Muldoon Haug has experience in all facets of adoption. Our legal team has helped individuals and families navigate a wide range of adoptions. This includes adoptions that are open, closed, private, domestic and international. Furthermore, our law firm has assisted with stepparent adoptions, the termination of parental rights as well as paternity registry.

The adoption process can require many details and steps, which is why our law firm focuses on guiding clients through each step, helping them overcome any hurdles or red tape they encounter. Our goal is to bring a child into your family, and we will stand by your side the entire process.

Potential challenges

The list can be lengthy when it comes to challenges faced during the adoption process. When an adoption is sought, there is always the possibility that the birth parents could change their minds. As such, there could be issues regarding the termination of their parental rights. Ensuring that both the adoptive parents and the birth parents understand their rights and the process can help move the process along and avoid possible hurdles near the finalization.

Adoption is a beautiful thing for both adoptive parents and birth parents. Nonetheless, it is also a process with challenges, emotions and legal rights. Thus, it is imperative that you are aware of your rights as you move forward with an adoption.