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Preparing to adopt a child

Adopting a child is something you and your spouse may have always dreamed of, but the process can seem overwhelming. You might not know where to even begin.

It helps to have an idea of what the adoption process in Georgia involves and what steps you can take to prepare.

Your adoptive child

Think about the type of child you would like to adopt. Are you looking for a child coming from foster care or from a birth mother?

Additionally, consider factors such as the child’s age, background and any disabilities. Many adoptions today are open adoptions, which means the adopted child maintains contact with their birth parents after the adoption, so that might be something you want.

Research adoption agencies

The next step is researching adoption agencies. You can use a public or private adoption agency. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of agency, so think about what works best to meet your goals.

It is important to thoroughly research adoption agencies before selecting one. Ask each agency questions such as how many children they have placed in homes within the past few years, how many adoptions have not worked out and what resources and services they provide both before and after the adoption.

You also want to ask basic questions about the cost and length of time the adoption process is expected to take.

The home study

Once you choose an adoption agency, you will likely meet with people from the agency and attend training sessions to educate you on the adoption process in Georgia.

Every adoption includes a home study. You are typically assigned a social worker who gets to know you and your spouse and teaches you about being adoptive parents.

The home study can be one of the longest parts of the adoption process. Some take several months to a year.

This is a general overview of the adoption process, and you may likely still have many questions. Having advice and guidance from the beginning is best.