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How to deal with a lying spouse during divorce

Getting divorced under any circumstances can be challenging given the emotions and financial ramifications that are tied to the process. But dissolving your marriage from someone who incessantly lies can be even more difficult. After all, in these circumstances, you might struggle to get to the truth of the simplest of issues, and resolving what you thought would be easy problems to tackle can become extraordinarily complex.

What can you do to make getting a divorce from a liar a little bit easier?

Don’t let your lying spouse leave you feeling forced to resolve your divorce quicker than you should. Instead, do the following to protect your interests:

  • Gather financial documentation and other records that may contradict their statements.
  • Communicate with your spouse in writing so that you have a record of what was said and the context of those statements.
  • Find a healthy outlet for the frustrations that you experience throughout the divorce process.
  • Seek expert testimony, when needed, to give the court an unbiased perspective that cuts through your spouse’s lies.
  • Keep a journal of your interactions with your spouse so that you can recall them with clarity.
  • Conduct thorough discovery so that you have all the information you need to zealously advocate for your interests.

Don’t get taken advantage of in your divorce

The way your divorce resolves in going to shape your life for a long time to come. With that in mind, you need a clear divorce strategy targeted at securing the outcome you want. So, don’t let fear of your spouse’s lying behavior dissuade you from crafting the arguments you need to protect your interests. Instead, prepare yourself for the process ahead so that you can reduce conflict and position yourself for a successful outcome.